The Jalopnik March Madness Beat-Off Final!

Hark! The time is upon us for the final vote of our Great Beat-Off. Which beater is best of all — the Fox Body Mustang or the W123 Mercedes?

Amazingly, the Subaru Impreza, which absolutely cleaned up the dirt devils category got knocked out by the ever-steady W123 Benz. When it comes to durable commuters, it looks like y'all like durable commuters.


And V8 power trumped four-cylinder agility once more, with the CRX getting crunched out by the Fox Body.

You can double check last round's final four voting right here and you can catch up on this whole series right here if you just put down the blunt and wondered how we got here.

So where would you put your scrounged up beer money? On the loose-ass crickety Mustang, or the stout, staid Merc?


Photo Credit: Ford/Zender/Honda/Subaru/Hieronymous Bosch (The Garden of Earthly Delights)

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