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The French Built The Best Police Interceptor Ever

Have you ever seen the car movie Luc Besson made just after The Fifth Element hit the screen? Well, I believe it’s time for Renault to pay for another Taxi sequel, because no Peugeot could deal with the R.S. 01 as a police interceptor.


The original Taxi from 1998 is one of the most entertaining French movies ever made, and the only thing that could turn a white Peugeot 406 into the coolest car this side of a red Mercedes-Benz 500E, the V8 Benz hand-built by Porsche.


In case you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it, but in the meantime, here’s a quick summary:

Obviously, as the years went by, the French police had to step up its game to have a chance against Europe’s fastest taxi. For Taxi 3, they went turbocharged.

Spoiler alert! A Mitsubishi Evo VII didn’t cut it either. And that’s not digital lens flare.

Illustration for article titled The French Built The Best Police Interceptor Ever

I’m only bringing this up because while Renaultsport can’t put the R.S. 01 into series production, the bastards just keep teasing us with their mid-engined GT-R racecar.

This time, they put Renault 5 Turbo magician Jean Ragnotti into the driving seat, and all he had to do was catching a biker doing 150mph on the highway. Talk about easy.

The Italian police might have a Huracan in active service, but this Renault is faster than a GT3 car. And if anybody, the officers could get away with the lack of plates...


Photo credit: IMCDB, Renault. Hat tip to Austin!


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The French certainly did built the best Police Interceptor ever, but the question is: which one?