The Best Nissan GT-R Powered Car Is No Nissan

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Renault took a look at their contracts, decided that the Renault–Nissan Alliance entitles them to have the GT-R’s twin turbo V6, so Renaultsport built the best mid-engined race car around it to get something that’s faster than a GT3 GT-R.


Nissan went full prototype with the front-engined LMP1 racer, only to fail miserably. Renault also hit the wall in Formula-1, so they must have decided that the best thing to do was to built a car that’s almost like a prototype, but way faster than those lousy GT3 cars.

The resulting R.S. 01 has inboard suspension, a carbon tub and Le Mans levels of downforce. You also get power steering, a fantastic gearbox and brakes that can take more than your body. What’s not to love?

Evo couldn’t find anything wrong with it either...

Things like this should be road legal. They used to be, and as far as emissions go, this is just a GT-R.

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Why are Peugeot, Renault, and Citroen so great at building drool-worthy concepts and one-offs that never ever make it beyond that stage? They show us what they are capable of over and over again... and then produce nothing like it for the actual road.