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Imagine if The Fast and the Furious franchise featured a bunch of crime-fighting billionaires with ultra-fancy cars and was also directed by Michael Bay. Congratulations, you now have a pretty good idea of the plot of the new film 6 Underground. And yes, it is both as absurd and as explosive as it sounds.

6 Underground is a Netflix-exclusive film directed by that master of the digital explosion and gravity-bending action, Michael Bay. The whole conceit is that six individuals fake their own deaths to join a vigilante crime-fighting squad with the goal of taking down a bunch of evil criminals. They do this in part by driving around in very fast, expensive, and bright looking cars, like the lime green Alfa Romeo Giulia QV featured in the trailer.

If you’ve got eagle-eyes, you can also spot an old Maserati Quattroporte and a Rolls Royce Phantom.


Plot details have been pretty sparse and the trailer only gives the vaguest hint of what we can expect: Ryan Reynolds playing the same character he always plays which at this point I think is just The Ryan Reynolds Character, Mélanie Laurent with so many guns, neat cars and yes, lots of explosions and even more stunts.

It’s kind of like if Dom’s crew was a group of ultra-loaded ghosts who have access to absurd amounts of weaponry, European cars, and really high-brow criminals. And, honestly, for as absurd as it looks, I’m so incredibly down to watch it.

6 Underground will be released December 13.

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