The European Car Market Isn’t As Perfect As You'd Think

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The grass is always greener for car enthusiasts, and Americans always lust after the cars of Europe. We don't get a bunch of their excellent models, but we have a few things that Europeans can't get their hands on.

We've already run down the best new cars Europe gets that we don't, and that list doesn't even include all the legends on the European used market. From 205 GTIs and Stratoses to Tatras and Matras, there are amazing choices for European gearheads. For all of the European car enthusiast's luxuries, they'll never get their hands on affordable, abundant crate motors.


MoRphine-2 broke it all down for us when we asked you about your favorite engines-in-a-box.

Now this really wasn't nice. Just when I was starting to feel smug about being European, and all that entails - let's just quickly recap, it's diesel manual wagons for everyone, it's hot hatchbacks, it's emission regulations, that favor the cars emitting less, and did I mention diesel manual wagons for everyone? So just about the time I felt I can put up with having to pay much more for my cars and the gas they consume, you come and tear up the single biggest sour patch there is.

What, you didn't know? There are no crate motors in Europe. If you want an engine, the company will sell it to you - but only built in the car, and not in a box.

Did you know, that the biggest factory of Audi, and by extension VW gasoline engines is in my home country, Hungary? Did you know, that all engines having more than 4 pots get manufactured here, and most of the 4 or less cylindered types too? Because they are, we are all conquering, when it comes to powerful VAG engines. But do the tuners here get any of this? Oh no. If you want an RS6 V10, you have to buy an RS6. If you want a turbo 5pot, you got to buy a TT RS.

And it's not just Audi. If I would want a Ford 2.0 Ecoboost to power my Volvo P1800 ES project car, well, i would first have to buy a Mondeo, and get the engine out of there. Or maybe order from US. Yep, German engineering, Spanish manufacturing, crossed the Ocean, got put into an American wooden crate, crossed again, pay at customs because import (!!!!!!) and finally hang yourself because you cannot live on this planet anymore.

You really had to have a go at this, didn't you?

*le sigh*

Well, even if we can't decide if the Europeans or the Americans have the better car market, at least we can all agree that Australians have it the best of all, what with their totally drool-worthy muscle cars.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to watch Mad Max for the ten thousandth time.

Photo Credit: Pauls Imaging