The Electric Porsche Taycan Will Get A Sweet Lifted Wagon Version Too

Photo: Porsche
Photo: Porsche

Hot off the news that the Porsche Taycan sedan will be priced the below the Panamera to challenge the Tesla Model S directly in the European market, Porsche announced that its board has greenlit production of a crossover version based on the Mission E Cross Turismo concept. Bring on the electric lifted wagons!


Similar to the available models of the Porsche Panamera, which comes in both sedan and Sport Turismo wagon body styles, the production Taycan will follow the same idea, except the wagon body style will be raised a little bit to better fit into the crossover crowd.

The Mission E Cross Turismo concept used the same powertrain as the Mission E sedan concept, so it’s probably safe to assume that the production version will share specs with the Taycan sedan that goes into production early next year, though Porsche hasn’t confirmed any of that just yet.

That’d be 600 horsepower, dual-motor all-wheel drive, a 15-minute charge time to 80 percent battery capacity, a total range of over 300 miles, and if translated from the Cross Turismo concept, all-wheel steering and adaptive air suspension that could help boost ground clearance a little bit.

The additional production of the Cross Turismo means 300 more jobs at the Taycan factory, according to Top Gear, which is nice, and if it’s stickered around the Taycan then it should start somewhere between the price of the Cayenne and Panamera.

I’m beginning to feel like Porsche is confident on selling a lot of these things. It could even be the EV to beat in a couple of years.

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A Sweet LIFTED Wagon
Thats like saying
an awesome FWD track car
or a fast 6000lb sports car
or a tough lowered jeep
or a great welldone steak

with one word its possible to ruin all the other good words around it. Lifted and Wagon should not be in the same sentence.