I Want to Do a Cannonball Run but Mike Ballaban Is Concerned He’ll Have to Do Paperwork

Here is something I want to do: Drive across the country, nonstop, until I reach the Pacific Ocean. What I’d like to do is break one of Alex Roy’s records, but if I don’t, whatever. I just want to do it. My colleague, Jalopnik Deputy Editor Michael Ballaban, thinks this is a terrible idea. [Editor’s Note: It’s a

Here’s What Happened With The Tesla Model S Race Car That Got Too Hot After Five Miles On An F1 Track

No matter how close the electric takeover of the auto industry seems, there’s always the occasional reminder that the future isn’t as perfect or as within reach as we imagine. Take this Tesla-based Electric GT Championship race car, which only made it a lap and a half at full power recently before getting too hot.