The Bugatti Veyron Burnout Challenge

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Jalopnik is extending a formal challenge to all Bugatti Veyron owners. We don't think you have the balls to do a burnout in your own million-dollar plus hypercar. Care to prove us wrong?


Today we saw a Bugatti EB110SS do a burnout and we realized that no Veyron owners have the cojones to light up the tires in his or her seven figure hypercar. Even Ferrari F430 owners will do burnouts. Other than during a few very hard launches (like the one above), we don't think we've ever seen a Veyron burn rubber at all.


But we're nice people here at Jalopnik and we'd like to give Veyron owners a chance to clear their name.

If you own a Veryon, we challenge you to do a burnout in it. We're not offering you any money as a prize because, hey, Veyron owners don't really need any more money. Send us the video at

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Victorious Secret

You know why not a single person will take you up on this challenge?

1001HP in a AWD drivetrain doesn't leave much room for off the line burnouts like even a FWD car could manage.

Also, 30k per set of tires every 2500 miles. Every 10k miles you change out EVERYTHING (rims included) at 50k a pop.

So yea, cost may not matter to a person who owns a Veyron but the pain in the ass to have the work done might.