The British Get An Honest Wagon From Subaru

The Subaru Levorg Sport Tourer is already on sale in Japan, but Subaru decided that the British deserve to have it as well since they drive on the wrong side of the road too.

It will be called the Levorg GT in Europe, and Subaru says it’s basically the new Legacy Tourer, except with even more space inside. It’s certainly nice to see something from them that’s not a crossover.


It comes with all-wheel drive of course, plus Subaru’s brand new 1.6 DIT boxer engine producing a little under 170 horsepower linked to a 6-speed CVT automatic.

Subaru also promises it to be their most refined car to date, with “ the latest infotainment system, bespoke sports seats and premium materials.” Alrighty then!


Blind spot detection and rear vehicle alert for safety, a big boot for your junk, plus a giant hood scoop, because Subaru. I like it.


Put a proper WRX engine in it, give it a stick shift and send it to my friends in America, please. They miss their fast Subaru wagons.

Photo credit: Subaru


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