Illustration for article titled The Big Ass Airbag May Save Your Life, Cost You Your Dignity

We're not really sure what more there is to add to this photo of what claims to be a revolutionary airbag, but is quite... er... kallipygian. While we guess the design helps prevent you from snapping your neck or being guided into the pillar, there's no getting around the fact that it looks like you've just gone nose first into a gigantic pair of pink butt cheeks. In fact, we'd be a bit nervous that the paramedics might be too busy making jokes about us giving the car a rim job to actually help us out of the car.


The product comes from Takata, a company that's apparently dedicated to ending all automotive deaths. We get how it works, actually. You'd never crash your car because you'd wouldn't dare be spotted face-hugging a gigantic, gas-emmiting ass. Brilliant! [Boinkology]


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