The Best Way To Watch Rallycross Is From A Drone

This unique perspective of World Rallycross is the best way to get into the action

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Gif: Red Bull Media

We have been totally wild about drones filming drifting for years, so it’s only natural that we’d also be enamored with drones filming rallycross. Perhaps even more so. There are so many motorsport applications for filming with a drone. Could you imagine if the F1 live feed showed in-the-mix drone shots from the Monaco hairpin? Oh man, that would be rad. In any case, the action from this weekend’s World Rallycross event in France was filmed, at least in part, by this incredibly talented drone op, and the results speak for themselves.

Brothers Kevin Hansen and Timmy Hansen absolutely dominated proceedings this weekend, both crucially racing for the same Red Bull Peugeot team. That team, Hansen Motorsport, is owned and operated by their father Kenneth Hansen. It’s fair to say that all parties involved are pretty good at what they do, and what they do is rallycross.

The Loheac track is a delightful mix of sideways dirt and speedy asphalt, and the racing action is the kind of stuff you usually see in World RX. By that I mean it’s good, manic, and a little bit beat and bang. From the start you’ve got cars bumping and binding into each other, with one suffering bodywork damage that causes tire smoke for the rest of the heat. There’s a lot to look at here, so you might have to watch it a few times in a row to get the full feel for everything.

If I could watch all forms of motorsport in this fashion, I absolutely would. Obviously even the fastest drones aren’t going to sustain the kinds of speeds needed to follow IndyCar or whatever down a long main straight, but some of the tighter complexes, especially ones that fold in on themselves, would make great viewing spots for this kind of camera work. Here’s hoping more series implement drone pilots for their footage.