These Drone Operators Are As Crazy As The Rad Drifters They're Filming

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Sometimes the drone crew in a video looks like they’re as big of a bunch of hoons as the people they’re filming. Here’s some absolutely stunning footage from East Coast Bash where the crew from RC Flying Cameras got to get up close and personal with a bunch of drift cars.

Drone pilot Edward Kostakis and camera operator Marty Hoffman brought along a Matrice 600 drone holding a Red Weapon 6K camera as well as the DJI Inspire 2 X5S to the East Coast Bash at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.


None of that gear is cheap throwaway stuff, and they’re not shy about showing off how close these drones get on camera, either, as sometimes one flies into view of the other drone.

This is some beautiful slow-mo footage of high-horsepower drift cars turning their tires into dust. The long drift trains they captured are incredible, as is the fact that the camera operators somehow got that close to the action without having their drone eaten by a high-speed drift car.