Formula Drift Has the Best Drone Work I've Seen in Ages

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Formula Drift is interesting in that it’s just a bunch of cars burning tires going sideways but it’s also the most unrestricted and creative top-level racing series in the country and the most innovative in how it broadcasts, including drone replays in the online livestream. Those shots are pretty low-res when live, but the full clips are unreal.

Matt Field is one of the more interesting drivers in the series. He used to campaign a V8-swapped Nissan 240SX. Not super wild in concept. But his car was always surprisingly high horsepower, and most of his early years in FD were spent breaking every part on his car one by one until he had built something virtually indestructible. everyone figured that if he stopped breaking he had a shot at dominating. He’s just that strong of a driver.


And that’s something you can see in his current Corvette build. It’s the same basic engine supercharged LS package, just in a chassis that was meant to have it (an LS at least) from the start.


As such, it’s little surprise that he ripped off a near-perfect 99-point run to claim the top qualifying spot at the season opener at Long Beach this past weekend. Other drivers slid wide and crashed or tightened up and nosed in. Not Field. He makes it look easy, pinballing from wall to wall.

Anyway, enjoy Johnny FPV’s drone work. It’s good, right? But I think he could step it up. Until that drone is actually landing on that car, or maybe flying through the car window through window, I don’t think it’ll be perfect.