Watch This Formula Drift Driver Absolutely Shred It

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Part of the problem with motorsports is that, with the distant perspective of most TV cameras, it’s hard to get a sense of how crazy the action on track actually is. Thanks to an amazing drone pilot, though, we now have an amazing close-up of what a 100-point run looks like in Formula Drift.

The video, uploaded by the official Formula Drift youtube account, features Irish driver James Deane chaining multiple perfect corners together. It’s only 25 seconds and in stunning 4k detail, so we’d highly recommend it to get a feel for how amazing a perfect Formula D performance looks like up close.


And while Deane’s driving is outstanding, we also have to acknowledge that the drone pilot is crushing it too. He perfectly tracks the car, circling around it to give us amazing footage from all angles in just 25 seconds. He even loops around the car and through the smoke, giving you a 3D perspective of the car rotating around the track.

It’s not surprising to see Deane nailing this demonstration. Not only is he a talented and acclaimed Formula D driver, but he also holds the world record for the world’s longest drift. A few perfect corners is great, but this is the guy who’s drifted for 17.7 consecutive miles.


via dkorecki on Reddit.