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This Drone-Shot 1,060 Horsepower Corvette Drift Video Is Bananas to Watch

Do you sometimes get the feeling that things are bad and terrible all of the time? Well, they are. But! There are rays of hope and joy that break through the clouds of our misery on occasion. This drone-shot video of Formula Drift racer Matt Field’s 1,060 horsepower Corvette tearing up a mountain road is definitely one of them.


It is extremely good, and you should turn up your speakers and watch all of it:

The Corvette and its noise are fantastic, of course, but what makes this really stand out is the innovative aerial photography. The drone shoots out of a forest and tracks the ‘Vette as it lays down tire smoke and gets thoroughly sideways as it shoots down the mountain road.


Midway through, there’s even a refuel and a tire change, followed by a close call with a guard rail. This is drifting, after all.

Anyway, it’s as good a way as I can find to start your day. Enjoy.

[H/t r/cars]

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William Byrd

And we laughed at the plastic rear end that you could push in and out with your finger. All part of the plan, well played Chevy.

In all seriousness, that’s very badass. The drone flying was as good as the driving, pretty awesome.