You know what most car games have been missing? A little dog who naps in your garage while you waste money fixing the broken body panels on your car instead of driving.


The game is FR Legends, and it takes a cartoon-style approach to drifting. The cars have the high roof, scrunchy cute look of Choro-Q toys and innumerable similar doodles.

If I were to put my reviewer hat on, I would say that the one thing that’s missing from the game is more dog content. The dog is around, but, like, you can’t play with the dog, or go on walks with the dog, or send the dog on quests to befriend wizened old parts store owners who have access to ultra-desirable body kits. It’s an adorable pooch.

The game is the usual free to download/pay real money to get game money, so I still haven’t gotten to the more advanced cars or gotten a chance to launch my car 50 feet into the air at Ebisu.

Controls are super simple, and the upgrades focus on:

  • driving a ton without a steep learning curve
  • making your car look cool in flashy Kansai style popular these days

I’ve been playing it for a few days, slowly getting less terrible at chasing the AI versions of other drivers and also crashing a lot.


As such, the game has been a big hit with the various drift people of the internet, with just about everyone posting within a day or two of each other that they’re wasting all their time on it and it will be quiet for you once multiplayer finally comes out as the game finishes development.


Find the site for the game here, its IG page here, and its place on the app store here.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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