The Bentley Continental V8 S Has Two Faces In The Best Possible Way

I always felt that Rolls-Royce made the better big car and Bentley was the king of GTs, and there's certainly nothing made in Goodwood that could beat Bentley's latest, the surprisinly sporty V8 S.


The Continental GT was always pretty fast in a straight line. First, with the crazy W12, then with the much smarter V8, and while the latest version is only a tweaked V8, those little changes make all the difference on the road.

With the V8 S, your ass gets the same lovely leather seats, but also 521 horsepower instead of "just" 500, sportier gear changes spreading 502 foot pounds of torque, making this 5,059 pound car reach 62mph in 4.3 seconds and keeping it up until 192mph. Yep, it's by far not the fastest VW product for the money, but the most comfort you can have 192mph without a doubt.

At the end of the day, it's all about the balance of a car, even if the one in question weighs about as much as two NFL teams...

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