The Aston Martin Vantage Looks Nice As Hell In Black

Photo: All Images Credit Aston Martin

The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage made the rounds in the media in a wonderfully eye-searing shade of highlighter green/highlighter yellow possibly named after a cleaning product. That’s fine. Bright colors are good. Do you know what’s also good on this car? This black.


Aston calls it Onyx Black, which isn’t as fun as Lime Essence, but it still makes the Vantage look like some sort of alien craft meant to quickly abscond with body snatching subjects.

The only thing that’s weird is that Aston spec’d this car with green accents, which isn’t bad exactly but certainly on the strange side once you look at the diffuser.



Whatever. A little weird is good.


Now, there’s no real reason for me to point out that a particular sports car looks good in a particular color. That’s kind of the whole idea of the Aston Martin. But I can’t help being happy when things that should be good are good, even if it’s just a paint job.

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