The 600 Horsepower Polestar 1 Throws Down

The 600 horsepower hybrid Polestar 1 coupe is an instantly desirable car on looks alone. Now we can see it throw down in its natural habitat: where it is cold as all hell.


Volvo’s Polestar claims it went through 10 different anti roll bars front and back, along with other bushings and shocks in an effort to attain the most highest, greatest, super, best, ideal, none-better ride and handling possible.

I appreciate that work, Polestar, as do all the people 30 years from now who can buy these cars used and will actually take them ice racing.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Rusty Starship

People better buy this car so that I can buy it in 10 years with no down payment and a Ford Fiesta with a below-average KBB trade-in value. If they don’t, Polestar is going to fail and then I’ll never get one.

Help us, Loaded Jalops. You’re our only hope.