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We had a profile of the thing back in September and no name. Now we have a rear end and a name. Progress!

Mercedes-AMG announced that the newest planned fast-fast two-seater with the Formula One-derived drivetrain will be named the Mercedes-AMG Project One. It will be accompanied with “a purely electric and wheel selective front axle drive concept” that will supposedly make more than 1,000 combined horsepower.


What is it with all these cars and the 1,000-HP claims? You’ve got the Lucid car and Faraday Future’s FF 91. 1,000 must look good from a marketing standpoint: nice and round and satisfying to use when counting things.

I guess the “One” moniker is there in case Mercedes-AMG makes more, and then can just keep naming them in sequence. Two. Three. Four. You get the idea.


Or, just like, “Formula One.” Either/or. I dunno. It’s a boring name either way.