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We had a profile of the thing back in September and no name. Now we have a rear end and a name. Progress!

Mercedes-AMG announced that the newest planned fast-fast two-seater with the Formula One-derived drivetrain will be named the Mercedes-AMG Project One. It will be accompanied with ā€œa purely electric and wheel selective front axle drive conceptā€ that will supposedly make more than 1,000 combined horsepower.

What is it with all these cars and the 1,000-HP claims? Youā€™ve got the Lucid car and Faraday Futureā€™s FF 91. 1,000 must look good from a marketing standpoint: nice and round and satisfying to use when counting things.


I guess the ā€œOneā€ moniker is there in case Mercedes-AMG makes more, and then can just keep naming them in sequence. Two. Three. Four. You get the idea.

Or, just like, ā€œFormula One.ā€ Either/or. I dunno. Itā€™s a boring name either way.