Thanks To Russian Dashcams, I Need A Ferrari 458

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Thanks to cheap cameras, it seems like every inch of road in the former Soviet East is being recorded. We've seen car after car after car crash into each other, and something needs to be done.


One of the most highly-crashed supercars these days is the Ferrari 458. Aside from the questionable taillights, it is a thing of beauty and it deserves a caring owner and a life of safe, fast driving. I fear that many of them are falling into the hands of douchebags, and I'm worried I will see one getting completely destroyed on some dash cam in Moscow any day now.


Just see what Jimal wrote in today's post on the Russian mom who's bringing her son Russia's two only DeLoreans.

Still waiting for the obligatory dash cam video of the only two DeLoreons in Russia crashing into each other in a Moscow tunnel...

This reputation of car enthusiasts as crash-prone nogoodniks needs to stop! Someone needs to set a positive example. Someone needs to show that a supercar can be driven sensibly and enjoyed.

This is why I implore Ferrari to give me a free 458 for at least a year. Give me a dash cam to record my responsible, sensible adventures. It will give supercar owners a good name.


Please Ferrari, do consider. It's for your own good.

Photo Credit: Teymur Madjderey

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Takuro Spirit

Can't wait to see all the uploads on that YouTube channel.

Ferrari 458: In the Drive Thru at Starbucks

Ferrari 458: Stuck at a train crossing (not on, just at)

Ferrari 458: Getting passed while doing the speed limit in the right lane

Ferrari 458: Me signing along to the radio