Super Mom Gets The Only Two DeLoreans In Russia To Visit Her Back To The Future-Obsessed Son For His Birthday

Back to the Future, and especially the time traveling DeLorean, made a pretty big impression on kids and adults alike. One Russian child loved the movie so much that all he wanted for his birthday was a ride in a DeLorean.

There are only two DeLoreans in all of Russia. It looks like his mother has gotten both to visit for his birthday.


The boy, seven year old Vsevolod Bezrukov, or Seva, for short, from Moscow saw Back to the Future a little more than a year ago. Like many of us, he immediately became obsessed with the car and traveling in time.

Now, while traveling in time is impossible (or so the government would have you believe) in most of the world, getting a ride in a DeLorean is not. But in mother Russia, it is difficult.

His mother Natalia, who is almost certainly now a candidate for Russia's "Mother of the Year" award, took out an ad in a local paper.


This is what it said:

Looking for the owner of the sportive car DeLorean DMC-12, who would agree to come (for a reasonable fee) on Saturday, October 27, for the birthday of my 7 years old son. Already for half year he every day surfs YouTube, looking for the videos with this miraculous car. And also watches non-stop "Back to the future". He knows the ins-and-outs of the car and asks me if we could buy such car. And since I cannot buy it – the most I can do is to turn over the city looking for the good-hearted person, who could give the child one hour of excitement.


Natalia didn't know what to expect from the ad, but was hoping that it could somehow get the car to little Seva for his birthday in two weeks. Then social media jumped in.

Somebody in Moscow saw the ad, took a picture of it, and posted it on the internets. Then the calls started.


German Gorbuntsov, a Russian businessman who was shot six times in an apparent assassination attempt in London this March, owns one of the two DeLoreans in Russia. While Gorbuntsov is still recovering in England from the attempted assassination, one of his assistants called Natalia to let her know that Gorbuntsov received hundreds of requests for the car to be made available for little Seva.

Gorbuntsov's DeLorean is still in a Moscow garage, and it sounds like the car will be made available for Seva's birthday.


Then the hits kept coming. Natalia got another call from a second owner, Oleg Karpov. Karpov, who lives five hours from Moscow in Nizhniy Novgorod, said he would like to bring the car to Moscow to make little Seva's day.


Natalia has kept the cars a secret from her son, since the day hasn't come yet and she doesn't want him to be disappointed if it doesn't work out. When it does come to fruition and he sees them on his birthday, we expect that he'll probably freak out with joy.

We sent Natalia an email to see if there were any updates and she just got back to us. It sounds even better than we thought, and her son is going to be one lucky little boy:

Yes it is really happening, I really managed to get not one but two DeLorians (that I myself find unbelievable). And yes there is something on top of that in store for my
son. First, I bought a real flux capacitor replica on ! and second,there is around 30 cars ( tuned low riders ) from some web community that are coming to congratulate us- that's what I ve learned today. This is totally unreal and I enjoy every second of it


She also just added a little more info:

Ahhaa just read your community comments) yes, totally forgot- 2 cakes are being made for the party. Flux capacitor cake and hover board cake. Did I say I'm a huge BTTF fan myself;) ?


If you're in or near Russia, have a DeLorean, and really want to make a kid's day in a couple of weeks, send an email to Natalia at sevasmom at gmail dot com. Then make sure to let us know how it goes!

The only problem will be for Natalia and how she'll be able to top this gift next year. Perhaps she should give Michael J. Fox a call now to get the ball rolling?


Photo Credits: Red Hot Russia, Getty Images, eBay

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