Tesla's Cybertruck Can Charge The Cyberquad In The Bed

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With all the talk centering around Tesla’s incredibly angular new Cybertruck, it’s easy to forget that Elon Musk actually announced something else alongside it. The “one-more-thing” tacked onto the reveal this time is something called the Cyberquad, an ATV that can climb into the bed of the Cybertruck.

The Cyberquad is painfully reminiscent of its Cybertruck predecessor, all sharp angles that look like they’d belong on a pixelated Batmobile. But it is a pretty neat pairing—the Cyberquad fits perfectly into the bed, and it can even charge there.


The truck bed is fitted with 110/240V outlets and an air compressor, meaning that you can plug the ATV in to charge up after you’ve had your off-road fun.

Tesla didn’t reveal anything else about the Cyberquad. No specs, no pricing, no information on whether or not this thing will actually ever make it into production. So, grain of salt and all that. I’m also guessing this will take a bite out of the Cybertruck’s range. But let’s take a moment now to appreciate it before we have to return to reality. 

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Rusty Starship

Is the truck squatting down to allow the quad to climb into the bed easier, or did they just kind of forget to stick some leaf springs on this pig?