Tesla Makes The Wealthy Feel More Responsible

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We knew the Tesla was a popular car among the famous, like Matt Damon, but it seems the 225-mile range $109,000 ride is becoming the feel-good car among the rich too. Greenwich, Conn., a city known for old money, is apparently the new hotspot for Tesla wannabes. Tesla recently brought a vehicle to a Greenwich hotel to allow potential owners the opportunity to take a quick test drive, yielding predictable results.


What makes this vehicle ideal for the wealthy? It's comparatively expensive, has decent power, and it's a lot less common than the average Ferrari. More importantly, it helps the rich feel better about themselves. Says one moneyed onlooker:

"We're in a wealthy area," Patrick added, "so, while gas prices aren't as much of an issue, you can still feel like you're fulfilling your green responsibility and reducing your carbon footprint with a car like this."

[Greenwich Time via CG]


Ash78, voting early and often

@Bumblebee: The more luxurious your lifestyle, the larger your carbon footprint. (I'd actually really like to be proven wrong here).

I can think of very few exceptions to that, usually having to do with external "luxury" factors like geographical location (with weather, etc). To scale it down a bit, the general American lifestyle is objectively pretty wasteful, but only because we've typically been able to afford it. So while upper-middle-class people the US can live like wealthy Europeans, our upper class people can live like the Sultan of Brunei (which makes the Sultan's job of impressing everyone a helluva lot harder).

Anyway, what I'm saying is that most people make their lifestyle choice not because they simply want to be wasteful, but because it's within their budget to do so. The ultra-rich, on the other hand, make a lot of choices that are so far beyond the scale of human necessity and comfort, I wonder if they are really just doing it for the shock factor. And then they buy a car like this because that's where most people see them.