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We knew the Tesla was a popular car among the famous, like Matt Damon, but it seems the 225-mile range $109,000 ride is becoming the feel-good car among the rich too. Greenwich, Conn., a city known for old money, is apparently the new hotspot for Tesla wannabes. Tesla recently brought a vehicle to a Greenwich hotel to allow potential owners the opportunity to take a quick test drive, yielding predictable results.


What makes this vehicle ideal for the wealthy? It's comparatively expensive, has decent power, and it's a lot less common than the average Ferrari. More importantly, it helps the rich feel better about themselves. Says one moneyed onlooker:

"We're in a wealthy area," Patrick added, "so, while gas prices aren't as much of an issue, you can still feel like you're fulfilling your green responsibility and reducing your carbon footprint with a car like this."


[Greenwich Time via CG]

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