Earlier this week, Musk said Tesla would be raising the price of Full Self-Driving to $15,000 in North America. It can also be purchased as a $199 per month subscription.

Locke, in turn, said he’s spent over $32,000 on FSD and now pays the $199 per month fee for the feature.

Locke did not respond to a request for comment from Insider ahead of publication. In his initial post, Locke acknowledged that his feedback is “probably not a popular opinion” and said the software still has “lots of work to go.”

FSD is not a fully autonomous system. Tesla has told drivers that the system does not replace a licensed driver and instructs them to keep their hands on the wheel and be prepared to take over when the system is running. The add-on enables Teslas to automatically change lanes, enter and exit highways, recognize stop signs and traffic lights, and park. The software is in a beta testing mode and has over 100,000 subscribers who Tesla can use to test the software in real time and allow the system’s AI to learn from experienced drivers.

Locke, who is the founding president of the Tesla Owners Clubs in Vancouver Island and Santa Clarita Valley, promptly apologized after Musk scolded him for critiquing the software. The Tesla driver has a YouTube channel where he shares videos testing FSD.


This is a big departure from what Musk has said in the past. At one point, he even tweeted that he welcomed negative feedback. After all, this is a Beta software; the goal is to spot problems and improve.

This latest Full Self-Driving tiff comes on the back of a few other public FSD criticisms. The most notable of which is probably the video of a guy using actual children as crash test dummies. Believe it or not, people didn’t like that. There’s also the issue of the state of California saying Tesla is lying about what Autopilot can and cannot do. All in all, it’s a very normal week for Musk and the rest of the Tesla gang.