Does Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Really Run Over Kids?

The tweets feature a 10-minute video showing the interior of a Tesla vehicle parked on a residential street as the occupant tests the self-driving mode. At one point, a child is shown standing in the street as the vehicle begins moving slowly and then comes to a stop before reaching the child.

The video came after another earlier this month that showed a Tesla car running over child-sized mannequins.

Automated-driving technology has come under scrutiny, particularly after NHTSA last year started an investigation into whether Tesla’s Autopilot is defective. The probe, which was launched after a dozen collisions at crash scenes involving first-responder vehicles, signaled a change in regulatory posture toward Tesla after years of complaints from safety advocates about the company’s marketing of its driver-assistance systems as Autopilot and Full Self Driving.


The NHTSA added it owns a 2017 Model S 90D that received a Full Self Driving Beta software that was updated on April 1st.

So... uh... yeah, I guess don’t plow your Tesla into a small child on purpose (and then put it on social media). If you do, I’ve got a feeling CPS will be stopping by sooner rather than later.