Breaking the law in your car will usually get you pulled over, but Jalopnik readers know ten cars they think could significantly increase your chances of meeting with a ticket.

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We picked the ten cars that are most likely to get stopped all across the country, but there are local scenes where different types of cars get different amounts of attention from law enforcement.

Maybe you drive an Evo in Puerto Rico and you can't stop getting pulled over. Perhaps you're in a Maserati in Chile and the cops won't leave you alone. Your Corolla club in the Philippines may be rolled up on at every car show.


Let us know in Kinja below if you know a car that gets majorly targeted that we left off this list.

Photo Credit: Associated Press


10.) Toyota Solara


You might be surprised to know that the Solara is actually the second most ticketed car in America accordng to a 2011 study by an analytics company that works with auto insurance companies. It looks like grandma has a lead foot.

Suggested By: Automatch, Photo Credit: Toyota

9.) A Donk Caprice


We already know that donks are the world's most hated car culture, so it's no surprise that if you want to sit your Chevy on 26s, you're probably going to get stopped by the police. Hell, if you put 24s on a Honda Accord, you'll still get unwanted attention.

Suggested By: JayBe_III, Photo Credit: Phillip Pessar

8.) PMY BMW M3


Ever since Nick Hogan called his eyeball-searing yellow Supra a "Pussy Magnet," that hue has been known as "pussy magnet yellow." Really, it's more like "police magnet yellow," especially if you're driving an M3.

Suggested By: magman007, Photo Credit: magman007

7.) A Black-On-Black 1990s Corvette


Any Corvette is going to get a cop's eye, but if it's a tuned one it's extra bad and if it's been tuned and murdered out in all black, expect trouble.

Suggested By: blackonblack, Photo Credit: blackonblack

6.) A Rolling Coal Dodge Ram


If you set up your diesel truck to be able to belch huge clouds of black smoke at command, you are eventually going to find flashing red and blues behind you.Just about everyone thinks rolling coal is for d-bags.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: Barrel-Babe

5.) A Rusted Van


If you drive any old rusty beater, the kind where the bumper is held on with bungee cords and there are holes in the door panels, the cops will be watching for you. Vans get this the worst, according to our readers.

Suggested By: ejp, Photo Credit: Andrew Grossman

4.) Your Half-Finished Mustang


Project cars make cops go nuts. Muscle cars make cops go crazy, too. If you happen to be building up a project car Mustang and you take it for a ride, you're likely to get pulled over for "suspicious driving," just like reader wontacceptthis.

Suggested By: wontacceptthis, Photo Credit: wontacceptthis

3.) Stanced Ganxsta VWs


If there's any car that's perhaps more reviled than donks, it's stanced cars. Cops get hella mad when they see hellaflush, and don't be surprised if your belly-scraping VW gets hit by the red and blues.

Suggested By: ZekeStone, Photo Credit: Garret Voight

2.) Modified Nissans


If you're in a slammed Nissan 240SX (or even just a Honda with a big wing on it), the cops are going to keep an eye out for you. Maybe they expect you to Tokyo Drift into a grandma crossing the street, we don't know.

Suggested By: eNZo288, Photo Credit: Chris Cusson

1.) Any Supercar


A red Ferrari going 85 in a 65 is very, very easy to spot and it has big ticket revenue written all over it. And even if you're not getting picked on for speeding, supercars get tons of attention anyway. Reader Reborn Pyrrhic knew one of the two Lamborghinis registered in Alaska and even if nothing was wrong, that car would still get pulled over.

I knew a guy who had one of two Lamborghinis registered in the great state of Alaska. His was a bright red Countach, and at first I thought it was a replica until I saw under the hood. He would get pulled over all the time by policemen who just wanted to check out the car. That must have been really annoying!


We guess that's the price you pay for driving the nicest cars in the world.

Suggested By: Super Kiwi Zorro and Reborn Pyrrhic, Photo Credit: Otis Blank