What Car Is Most Likely To Get Pulled Over?

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Breaking the law on the road will get you pulled over. We know this. But some cars tend to fly under the radar while others are immediate cop magnets. Which ones will almost certainly get pulled over first?

If you have a lowered Honda Civic with a loud exhaust and it's painted red, I tend to think you're basically asking to be pulled over. Here's my logic:

It's red, which people can see for miles. It's loud, which gives cops a clue you're coming. It doesn't matter how well the exhaust is tuned or how much work is done. To a non-car enthusiast, a Civic with a giant pipe and no other work will sound and look the same as one that's fully built and a legit hot rod.


I see cars like this pulled over a lot in my area, and I don't imagine that all of them around going 90 in a 55 or doing something aggressive. I think that's just the reputation that has been earned in Northern NJ.

What say you? What car is a ticket for a ticket?

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Newer Mercedes S-Class or really any big luxury car that is also a status symbol. You're telling the cop you have money and you'll likely not bother with going to court to fight the ticket. I see tons of them pulled over in my area, but then again there are a ton of S-classes too.