The greatest cars to drive are often complete death traps. But it's the end of the world, so who cares? Jalopnik readers have found ten dream cars they'd drive backwards, on fire, through the pearly gates.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day ‚ÄĒ our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

The very best cars in the world are so expensive that you'd have to steal to own them, and they're so fast that you'd die driving them. Happily, however, a bunch of eschaphiliacs always think that the world is going to end at some point near, so you have a good excuse to lie and cheat your way into the seat of your dream car.

When you get caught, just blame everything on the apocalypse. You thought the world was ending. We all did, ha ha, they really can't hold you accountable for stealing a Koenigsegg from the dealership and racing down an active runway.


Of course, there are those of us who love other human beings and not just cars, so we've included some touching end-of-days road trips as well. Remember, we are anticipating absolute global meltdown, not mad Max-style dystopia, so clutch your nearest and dearest tight.

If you manage to survive the impending destruction of Earth and you think there's something that we rudely left off this list, let us know in Kinja below.

Photo Credit: Ken Eden, National Archives and Records Administration


10.) Porsche 917/30 at Sebring

The 1,000+ turbocharged Porsche Can-Am car remains one of the most unhinged race cars ever made, and only someone with a death wish would try and get it flat out on Florida's bumpy track. d_breezer has a bit of a backstory with the car and track, though.

The power, history, and dominance of the car speak for themselves, but Sebring will always be special to me. My late father and I started making the trip to the 12 hours together and eventually my mother and now wife started tagging along. Racing has always been in my family's blood, but that beat up old airfield created some of the best family memories of the last few years I had with my dad.


Suggested By: d_breezer, Photo Credit: Pawel Litwinski/Gooding & Company


9.) McLaren 12C, on the ‚ÄėRing with Jackie Stewart

We want to at least enjoy some time behind the wheel at the world's most legendary race track, so TheBaron2112 would take a new McLaren, and he'd have help from the Ringmeister.

McLaren MP4-12c on an empty Nurburgring Nordschleife. I want to drive it faster and faster, to the car's limits and mine, until I either die from flying off the track, or from the feeling that I will never again experience the same exhilaration ever again in life.

With Jackie Stewart as a co-driver.

Suggested By: TheBaron2112, Photo Credit: McLaren


8.) Lancia Stratos, into the sunset

Straightsix9904 asks, "why let the universe be in control of when your life ends?" Why not go out in one of the most notoriously difficult cars to drive fast, with a turbocharged Ferrari engine screaming behind you?


Suggested By: Straightsix9904, Photo Credit: John Rutter


7.) Senna's McLaren

While we're hear dreaming our fantasy drives, let's indulge ourselves with the ultimate fantasy car, Ayrton Senna's Mclaren MP4/4. Here's eharken123's perfect final drive, going from the Autobahn, to the ‚ÄėRing, and finally down to the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, where it all comes to an end.

Just enough time, I scream through the tunnel and into the legendary chicane. I attack the pool section, and fly past the historic pits one last time. Ten seconds before the end of the world. I'm approaching the world famous tunnel for my last time. I take in the extraordinary sound of the engine, and the wind flowing over all the intricate body work. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel approaching fast. I am almost there, and the clock strikes 12. The world flashes a blindingly bright white, a gigantic boom can be heard for light years. This only lasts a split second, and when it's over, there is nothing. And THAT, is perhaps the most epic last drive I can imagine.


Suggested By: eharken123, Photo Credit: Getty Images


6.) Our Old Chevy S-10

Much as we all dream of fantasy cars, sometimes it's the most ordinary cars that we grow the most attached to. Rai_Fox still longs for his old S-10, and that's what he drive on the end of days.

If I could have would be my old '91 S-10 Blazer. I know that sound silly, but that truck will always be special to me, more so than any supercar could be. It wasn't my first car, but it was the first that wasn't a hand-me-down, the first I picked myself. It was the truck I took on my first trips and adventures as an "adult," on my own. It was the truck I took to the places and times that shaped my life. It's the truck parked in the background of the mental snapshots of so many of my most important memories ‚ÄĒ at least, the ones that didn't take place inside it.

It was also a damn good truck in its own right; handled everything I ever threw at it without a single complaint, kept me safe though everything, virtually never had even the most minor issues, and never any major failures at all, and with the good strong 4.3, was quite a bit of fun, too.

If I had my choice, my last drive would be one more long road trip with friends packed in and gear piled in until I can't see out the rear window.

Unfortunately, around here, no Blazer beats rust forever. I've loved all three cars I've had since it, especially the Genesis Coupe I have now, but no matter what else I own, I doubt I'll ever be as attached to any car or truck as that one. I still wish there had been some way I could have saved it.


Suggested By: Rai_Fox, Photo Credit: Chevrolet


5.) A Porsche 911, the wife and kid, across America

Driving is so often depicted as a something best enjoyed alone. It's supposedly a relationship between the driver and the car, with no one else to distract the two. Automatch wouldn't leave out his family.

When I first thought about this question, I was selfish; my immediate reaction was something totally bonkers like Bugatti or an F40. But I am going to take a 911. That way my wife and son (he is only 3 months so he can fit in the back) can cruise along with me. The Porsche is an icon (love it or hate it), fast enough to be fun, yet comfy enough not to punish you for a long ride. Though I would make mine a Turbo S.


Suggested By: Automatch, Photo Credit: Porsche


4.) Our Nova, up the Pacific coast

There's more to life than supercars. I hoon, therefore I am would take his hot rod Nova up some of the best driving country in America, let alone the world.

Car: My first (which I still own). A 1971 Nova. It has an LS engine, though I'd pull the 4L80e for a T56, and change the wheels/tires (it runs on drag radials and pizza cutters temporarily right now)

Drive: Phoenix (where I currently live) to Lake Chelan, WA.

-Drive through Havasu to LA

-Hit the PCH up to the Golden Gate bridge (which I stupidly never did on my drives to/from home during summers in college)

-North on I5 to Seattle to wave goodbye to Safeco and the CLink (as well as Pike Place, the Needle, the Troll, et al.)

-Back south to the 12 east through White Pass (where I used to ski every winter) and Rimrock to Selah (my hometown)

-Up the 97 to Lake Chelan, where we used to tow the boat for summer vacations. One of the most gorgeous places on earth.

Granted, most of this is for nostalgic purposes, but the drive through Northern California, Oregon, and (especially) Washington is simply stunning.


Suggested By: I hoon, therefore I am, Photo Credit: I hoon, therefore I am


3.) AC Cobra on the Isle of Mann

The last great road racing circuit left is around the Isle of Mann. It has some of the gnarliest, twistiest, most undulating roads to ever welcome a race car (or a race bike). So long as we're not going to make it to tomorrow, we might as well do the course in a Cobra, explains burglar.

It would be in an original race Cobra, full tilt, on something insane like The Isle of Man. Half of that big 427 side oiler bellowing away just two feet from my left ear, the right bank echoing off of the walls. Period correct bias ply tires giving zero feedback. And basically zero crash protection in one of the most notoriously difficult cars to hustle around ever.

I just hope I'd get at last one full lap in before the snake inevitably turned around and struck me.


Suggested By: burglar, Photo Credit: Jez B


2.) Gravedigger, to the ends of the Earth

Come on, you know you want to drive it. Cazzyodo, we like your style.

1) The power.
2) The legend.
3) The sheer size and speed is unlike ANYTHING else.
4) You can crush all other vehicles enjoying their last drive.
5) It's a workout to get into the cab.
6) Potholes would mean nothing.
7) It would be fun...and that's all that matters.


Suggested By: cazzyodo, Photo Credit: Nathan Rupert


1.) Bloodhound SSC

The Bloodhound SSC will be the fastest car, hell, thing on land. EdE91 knows what to do.

Bloodhound SSC, naked, singing "Rule Britannia". Get her up to speed, light those rockets and see where we get to...


Suggested By: EdE91, Photo Credit: Bloodhound SSC