What Do You Want To Be Your Last Drive?

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The world is not going to end tomorrow, at least not because of something the Mayans probably didn't predict. Yet, everyone reading this will have a last drive at some point. That final car trip before fate (or a caring relative) steps in to take the keys away.


Assuming you have a choice, what would your ideal last drive be? In what car? With whom?

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I wake up at 6 AM on December 20th. I stumble into my OMP racing suit, shoes, and gloves, strap on my carbon fiber Arai GP6, and get into the cockpit, of my final ride. Oh yes... the legendary McLaren MP4/4 that brought a legend of his own, Ayrton Senna, to his first F1 world championship. I strap in turn the ignition, and if I wasnt awake before, I sure as hell am now. The sound of 1000 plus screaming horses rumbles through the air, and my neighbors jolt up in their own beds, worried the end of the world forgot what time it was. I set out, and drive across an empty autobahn topping out at 230 plus mph, driving into the rising sun. I top off at the nearest shell station, which amazingly is selling the premium 120 octane gas needed for the beast strapped to my back. Oh how nice, the end of the world 95% off deal is in action to. I open up the throttle and howl back up into sixth gear as I claw my way through the German forests. Eventually I reach my first destination, the iconic Nurburgring. Nobody is around and the gates are open. I give it a go, and AMAZING! I seem to be on fire today as I set my 6 minute lap times. I take some more time to tinker around on the 3 mile F1 circuit, and then continue on my way. Now I shred through beautiful forests and, the other worldly, Alps, before I reach my final destination with little time to spare. I have 1 hour before the clock will strike 12 but thats fine by me. Where am I? Only the legendary Monaco. Thats right... I would be a fool not to let this car, have one final go on the track that its master drove so amazingly to 6 wins. Oh, and what good timing... nobody is here, and the circuit is all set up just the way it would be for a race, what strange luck I've been having today! I set lap time after lap time, taking in every square centimeter of the track, In awe, until finally it is time. I look down at my watch quickly. 11:58 PM. Just enough time, I scream through the tunnel and into the legendary chicane. I attack the pool section, and fly past the historic pits one last time. 10 seconds before the end of the world. Im approaching the world famous tunnel for my last time. I take in the extraordinary sound of the engine, and the wind flowing over all the intricate body work. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel approaching fast. I am almost there, and the clock strikes 12. The world flashes a blindingly bright white, a gigantic boom can be heard for light years. This only lasts a split second, and when its over, there is nothing. And THAT, is perhaps the most epic lsat drive I can imagine.