The Robocop reboot is currently filming in Toronto, Canada. Just the other day, we got our first grainy peek at the new Robo-Taurus that Robocop robo-uses to robo-save the day.

But don't be upset robo-fans, we just got a couple high quality spy shots, as well a shot of what might be a second ride for the cop. And it's a Dodge Caliber.

As we already knew, Robocop will have a new Taurus Police Interceptor as his weapon of choice in the 2013 reboot of the franchise. These higher quality pictures sent in by an anonymous reader (Batman?!) show a Taurus with matte black paint, huge bull bars, and some futuristic doo dads.


The film company did overlook one big thing though: They didn't invert the word 'Police' on the hood. It'll look backwards in mirrors! What is this, amateur hour?

Also on the scene was a Dodge Caliber done up in the same livery. Would Robocop be caught dead driving this thing? We hope not, but then again, who knows in today's modern world?


(Hat Tip and Photo Credits to a mysterious anonymous stranger and Michael!)