The 2019 Volvo S60 Polestar Engineered Has 416 HP but the R-Design Feels Like the Real Sports Sedan

The Volvo S60 has always been kind of an oddball choice for a midsize luxury sedan. It’s nice, it’s comfortable, it does things differently than your average BMW or Audi, but it also doesn’t really stand out in a major way. But the 2019 Volvo S60 is all-new, and now it aims to be more of a true sport sedan than ever.

2020 Lynk & Co 01: Driving The SUV You Can Have for a Month at a Time, If You Want

We‚Äôve been talking about Lynk & Co, the new Geely/Volvo venture to sell cars and SUVs and crossovers by not really selling them at all, for a couple of years now. Instead of selling cars, they want to use subscriptions to get you in their stuff instead‚ÄĒa new form of ownership and, if you can stand the buzzword,‚Ķ

Quick Question: Why Can't I Stop Thinking About Volvo Rebadging a Camaro in the 1970s?

Like many people, there’s a part of my brain that unconsciously stores visually similar things. That’s why we can see faces in bathroom sinks and also why I’ve always thought that the 1969-1975 Volvo 164 looks strangely similar to the 1972 Chevrolet Camaro. I kept thinking about it this morning, so instead of taking…

Consumer Reports Ranks Cadillac's Super Cruise Above Tesla's Autopilot, Also Says That Volvo's Pilot Assist Is Bad

Semi-autonomous features are increasingly prevalent in cars these days but also, as many have argued (including myself) possibly very dangerous. Today, Consumer Reports published their rankings of four of the most widely known semiautonomous systems, finding that Cadillac’s Super Cruise was the best and Volvo’s, well,…

Volvo's Concept Safety Car From 1972 Truly Had the Best-Looking Backup Camera Ever Made

After inventing the first production three-point seatbelt in 1959, Volvo’s focus on safety only intensified, especially since just having the seatbelt there was no guarantee that anyone would use it. The company also anticipated many safety features that are standard today, most fantastically this backup camera on its…

The Volvo 360c Concept Solves One of the Biggest Problems With Self-Driving Cars

Volvo wants to have an autonomous car that you can ‚Äúeat, sleep, do whatever‚ÄĚ in by 2021, an aggressive target but one illustrative of the company‚Äôs desire to skip over Level 3 altogether and go straight to full autonomy. Today, it showed off a concept car called the 360c that reveals a bit more about how it plans to‚Ķ

The Best Thing to Do With Your Freshly Engine Swapped 1966 Volvo Is Drive Across the Country

Kyle Long’s 1966 Volvo 122S wagon would be cool enough on its own, given that he swapped in the more modern five-cylinder engine from a 1995 Volvo 850. The week after finishing it, he took his freshly swapped wagon on a 7,000-mile cross-country road trip, where he’s well on his way to legendary status after already…