Kanye West Jumps on Table at Detroit College to Rant About Leaving Elon Musk Alone

Kanye West took a tour of Detroit’s College for Creative Studies yesterday afternoon, posting videos of himself touring various student projects. And then he apparently hopped up on a table and started ranting about Elon Musk’s troubles over alleged stock fraud, telling his audience to “leave that man the fuck alone.”

Ford Autonomous Vehicles: The Spin-Off Company That Will Drop $4 Billion on Autonomous Cars by 2023 

Ford is planning to spend $4 billion on developing self-driving cars by 2023, the automaker said Tuesday, in an announcement that also detailed the creation of a new spin-off entity cleverly titled Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC. It seems like Ford is consolidating all its self-driving ventures and tech under one roof:…

Now A Bunch Of People Are Apparently Calling Ford To Return Items Stolen From The Detroit Train Station

In case you hadn’t heard the obscure, sparsely covered and rarely opined-about news, Ford bought a train station recently—Detroit’s famous ruin, Michigan Central Station. People are so moved by it all that they’re calling up Ford and offering up all of the items they’ve stolen from the station over the years.