Here's a Friendly Reminder That You Can Put Your Car Key in Your Fridge to Protect It From Hackers 

Modern car technology is like medicine. It gives you a benefit you may or may not need, in exchange for a long list of side effects and “ask so-and-so about this before doing this.” Case in point: these recommendations from USA Today, which say to store car keys in a microwave or fridge to thwart hackers.

California DMV Thinks Car Terms Are Drug Terms, Refuses Personalized License Plate

I know DMVs aren’t necessarily staffed with gearheads or even anyone who necessarily gives a rat’s rectum about cars, but you’d think there’d be some people with at least a familiarity of car terms. You’d think, but it seems you’d be dreaming, based on this rejected personalized plate from the California DMV.

It's Legal To Hack Your Own Car Again—At Least For The Next Two Years

You may recall that there has been a struggle among those of us that like to work on our own cars. A struggle against something called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which suggested that you don’t really own the software that runs your car, hence, you can’t touch it. Happily, that’s not going to happen, at…

BMWs Can Now Be Hacked Through A Web Browser, Convienently

Since we do pretty much everything on the web nowadays – order food, tell people what terrible parents they are, masturbate – it only makes sense that we’ll use the familiar web browser to hack people’s cars. Thanks to a pretty significant vulnerability found by a security researcher on BMW’s ConnectedDrive web portal…