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Nissan Canada’s finance arm is notifying more than one million customers of a data breach that led to personal information being accessed by at least one unauthorized person.


The precise number of customers affected by the breach isn’t immediately known, but Nissan’s reaching out to all current and past consumers who’ve financed a vehicle through Nissan Canada Finance and Infiniti Financial Services Canada. In total, that comes out to about 1.13 million people, reports Automotive News. Credit monitoring for a year is being offered through TransUnion at no cost, Nissan Canada said in a statement.

Nissan Canada learned of the breach on Dec. 11. Information that may’ve been accessed by the unauthorized person includes: customer name and address, vehicle make and model, VIN, credit score, loan amount, and monthly payment.

“We are still investigating what personal information has been impacted,” Nissan Canada said in the statement. No payment card information was disclosed, the statement says.

At this moment, Nissan Canada said there’s no indication that customers who financed vehicles outside of Canada were impacted by the breach.


Nissan Canada says it’s working with authorities and data security experts to investigate the matter. Anyone who has questions about the breach is asked to call 877-224-4711.

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