Ford Autonomous Vehicles: The Spin-Off Company That Will Drop $4 Billion on Autonomous Cars by 2023 

Ford is planning to spend $4 billion on developing self-driving cars by 2023, the automaker said Tuesday, in an announcement that also detailed the creation of a new spin-off entity cleverly titled Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC. It seems like Ford is consolidating all its self-driving ventures and tech under one roof:…

Volvo Plans Autonomous XC90 You Can 'Eat, Sleep, Do Whatever' In By 2021

The system‚Äôs current name is Highway Pilot, according to Henrik Green, Volvo‚Äôs Senior Vice President of Research & Development. The system will allow you to, ‚Äúto ‚Äėeat, sleep, work, watch a movie, relax, do whatever,‚ÄĚ Green said today, a bold ambition for a company that previously had only said they had planned to be ‚Ķ

Testing Autonomous Cars In Russia Will Be Hell But It's The Reality Of The Situation

The majority of self-driving tech testing is happening on the pristine streets of sunny California, but across the Pacific, autonomous tech developers in Russia are also working to make robot cars a reality. But in the hellish driving environments found in Moscow, that’s not an easy feat, as a fascinating story from The Guardian recounts.

The Best And Worst Car Tech Stories Of 2017

If there‚Äôs one thing that came sharply into focus this year, it‚Äôs that most of the automotive industry has bought into the idea that autonomous and electric cars are the way of the future. Notice I said the word ‚Äúidea‚ÄĚ there‚ÄĒexactly how that future will look, whether buyers will embrace it and how it will make money‚Ķ

Las Vegas' Driverless Shuttle Is Back In Service But The Feds Want To Examine What Happened

Last week, a driverless shuttle in Las Vegas had its inaugural day of operation derailed, when a truck backed into it at a super-slow speed. The minor bump may seem inconsequential, but since it involved an autonomous vehicle and a human motorist‚ÄĒa notable concern as more automated cars hit the road‚ÄĒregulators are‚Ķ

Here's The Government's Useful Guide To All The Self-Driving Technology On Your New Car

Between the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board weighing in on the probable cause of a fatal Tesla crash and the U.S. Transportation Secretary issuing new voluntary guidelines on how to deploy self-driving cars, today has been crazy busy on the autonomous vehicle front. There’s more to share, though: the…