Google Minivan In 'Autonomous Mode' Involved In Crash In Arizona (Update: Waymo Says Van Was Actually In 'Manual Mode')

A self-driving minivan belonging to Google’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, was involved in a crash in Chandler, Arizona on Friday. The aftermath looks brutal. (Update: In a statement to the press, Waymo says the self-driving Pacifica was actually in “manual mode” just before the crash. This conflicts with the police…


Google Wanted At Least $1 Billion And A Public Apology To Settle Self-Driving Car Lawsuit With Uber: Report (UPDATED) 

Google’s self-driving car project, Waymo, wanted at least $1 billion and a public apology from Uber as part of a proposed settlement to end a high-stakes trade secrets lawsuit against the ride-hailing company, according to a report from Reuters. Uber rejected the stipulations as non-starters, the news agency said.