St. Louis Resident Stuck With Bill After Street Cleaner Crushes Car

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Talk about ways to ruin your day. A St. Louis resident is being forced to pay out of pocket to fix her car, after it was crushed by a city street sweeper in a freak accident of sorts, according to KMOV.


Mantle’s car was parked outside of her house earlier this month, when a city tow truck drove past. Things quickly went south for Mantle, reports KMOV.

That’s when a city tow truck attempting to tow away a broken street sweeper snapped a chain, sending the street sweeper into Mantel’s car.

“The back end was demolished, the windshield was boxed in, there was glass that flew to the front of the car,” she explained.

It was a freak incident, but none the less, an accident that totaled her car she bought brand new in 2015.

“I was planning to keep it for a long time,” said Mantle.

Unfortunate, yes, but the situation has put Mantle in a bureaucratic logjam, with the city saying it’s only mandated to pay for the value of the car—and not what she still owes for the new vehicle. The city won’t cover the cost for a rental, either.


“The city will only reimburse a claimant for rental car costs if the city is determined to be liable for a claimant’s vehicle damage and then only while the claimant’s vehicle is in the shop being repaired,” a spokesperson told the news station.


It’s a difficult situation, for sure. If I had to guess, St. Louis probably has a strict ordinance to follow, putting it in a position where it feels obligated to stick to the written law. But who wants to dig deep and shell out $3,000 for something they had no role in? That sucks.

“I shouldn’t have to pay anything, my car was legally parked at the time and they’re lucky I wasn’t in the car,” Mantle told KMOV.


Indeed. I hope there’s some sort of resolution out of this.