Toyota Celica Manages To Flip SUV On Highway, Chaos Ensues

Everything going on in this dash cam highway pileup crash video probably couldn’t have gone any worse.

I’m not exactly sure how a tiny Toyota Celica can manage to flip another car by rear-ending it under braking, but to have that car going flying across three lanes of traffic and cause a pileup is just about as bad as a rear-ending can get. And then the Celica swerves left, right into a truck parked on the shoulder.


The crash happened on the M5 motorway near Sydney, Australia. All-in-all, two people were taken to the hospital including the driver of the RAV4, and seven vehicles were involved the wreck, according to the Daily Mail.

This video is a perfect example of almost every example of bad driving; speeding, following too close, swerving to avoid something, parking on the shoulder (though it does look like a service truck), etc. Luckily nobody was seriously injured.

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