Spoil Your Ass With A 1957 Corvette Couch

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You've see the Aston Martin DB6 couch;not to be outdone is this 1957 Chevrolet Corvette couch. Sure, the '57 Corvette is a fantastic choice to couch-i-fy, but unfortunately this couch looks a bit cheesy and very Speed Racer-y.

The couch is crafted by furnituremaker Corbin. It comes in a variety of colors, and the upholstery is leather. The couch can also be plugged in for the undercarriage lighting. Yes, this '57 Corvette replica sofa actually has underglow. Ugh. It's available for $4,399 and would be a good pair with the Corvette BBQ. [1957 Corvette Couch via BornRich]


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yep, ebay item 260213894168 is a 59 caddy couch. pardon me while i vomit.