Casualties Of Summer: Corvette Barbecue Grill

Sure, it may be blanketing snow in the Northeast and getting ready to do so in parts of the Midwest, but it's never too early to start thinking about summer. One essential part of the sunshine season is the barbecue and one unfortunate casualty of the barbecue happens to be the back end of a Chevy Corvette.

The BBQ Vette is a hand-crafted grill made out of the tail end of a Corvette. Each one is custom-built to the specs of the purchaser. The grill is chock full of welded 14-gauge steel construction, fiberglass, polished aluminum diamond plating and more. The craftsman will match colors to VIN numbers, and the taillights even work. The charcoal version of the grill will set you back $1,795, while the propane model goes for $2,195. [BBQ Vette via BornRich]


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