How does $7,300 sound for a DB6? Pretty nice, eh? Don't go trading in your daily driver, yet. This $7,300 Aston Martin DB6 is no more than the back seat, chopped out and made into couch. Er, actually, the couch isn't actually chopped out of real DB6s (nobody would ever do such a thing), but rather manufactured by Aston Martin Heritage Designs. Each couch is custom ordered to color and is individually numbered.

Unfortunately, not included is the package are those drive-thru-teller-canister-looking-headrests, but who are we kidding, this isn't a couch worthy of sitting on—it doesn't look comfortable, it only seats two and we figure most owners will be unwilling to compromise the integrity of the beloved Aston Martin by dropping their asses on it, or worse. [WindingRoad]