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Sorry Ferrari, But Honda Beat You To The First Production 9,000 RPM Car

Illustration for article titled Sorry Ferrari, But Honda Beat You To The First Production 9,000 RPM Car

Ferrari claims that the 458's 9,000 RPM limit is "a first on a road car." We hate to break it to you Ferrari, but Honda beat you to it with the S2000. By over 12 years.


The first-generation Honda S2000 debuted in 1999 with an 8,800 RPM redline and a 9,000 RPM fuel cut-out. That engine set a high standard for naturally-aspirated engines, developing 240 horsepower from 2.0 liters (120hp/L). The 458's V8 develops an even more impressive 562 horsepower from 4.5 liters (125hp/L).


Of course, Honda didn't just beat Ferrari; Honda beat itself to the 9,000 RPM road car by over 30 years. Their S500 roadster debuted in 1963 and redlined at 9,500. It had a 0.5 liter motorcycle engine. The S500's successors, the S600 and S800 both redlined over 9 and started to cut fuel in the five digits, as well.

Nice try Ferrari, but you can't slip one past Honda fanboys.

If you can think of any other car to beat the Ferrari 458 to 9,000 RPM in a road car, point it out in Kinja below.


(Hat tip to Steven!)

Photo Credit: Teymur Madjderey

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PanchoVilleneuve ST

The S800 sounds better than the Ferrari, too.

Yeah. I went there. Just listen. You will immediately understand how right I am.