Someone Understands the Importance of Using Just the Right Picture When Selling a Car

When you’re selling your car, there’s nothing wrong with picking—perhaps even curating—the pictures you use to best display the vehicle you’re selling. That’s what I like so much about this Facebook Marketplace ad from a guy selling his 1985 El Camino. Yes, the in main picture of the car it’s currently on fire, but he’s careful to also show himself right there, with a hose, attempting to put the fire out. What image could show that a car has been taken care of by a contentious owner than that owner attempting to not let it burn to the ground?


This picture says so much about the car, like hey people, it’s very likely that this El Camino will not be currently burning when you buy it! Because you can see the owner taking care of business, right there! With a hose!

As far as what happened, the ad gives us more information:

My baby had an electrical fire in the daah (sic). New rims, tires, rear shocks, starter, battery. Was using as a yard truck here at home on a regular basis. Motor and transmission good. Was warming up when the choke shorted out. I have the original hood as well. My loss can be your gain, can becrestored (sic) or used for parts. I have clear title. Serious offers considered. Decided to concentrate on other projects now.


At first I thought $2,000 for a partially-cooked El Camino was insane, but, in checking out prices, it looks like that’s pretty in the ballpark for a running El Camino that needs interior work.

The lesson here? If you’re going to put an image of your car on fire in your ad to sell it, try and pick one where you’re at least trying to put it out.

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