Someone Carved A Life-Sized Ford Bronco Out Of Snow In New York

The sculpture sits outside of the Buffalo Auto Show... for now

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Screenshot: Eric Jones via FaceBook

Ford Broncos and snow have a bit of a complicated relationship. However, one artist has unified the two, temporarily in New York, for the sake of all things auto.

Artist Eric Jones created this life-sized Ford Bronco made completely out of snow in front of the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center earlier this week. The space is home to the Buffalo Auto Show – and what better way to celebrate an auto show than with arguably the hottest (or coldest because snow) car of the past year?


Jones spoke with Buffalo news station WKBW and said the sculpture took five days to complete. He also said it was the most complex carving he had ever done.

“By far the most complex carving I have ever created... because it’s 360 degrees and I wanted to put it on an angle so it looks like it’s climbing down that hill toward the convention center,” Jones said.


According to Jones’s website, he’s been doing caricatures professionally for 21 years – and has created nearly 100,000 images of people at live events, as well as 70,000 more from photos.


Jones said he prefers to carve “temporary sculptures” rather than permanent ones.

“I prefer carving things that are very temporary-pumpkins, I do sand, snow, ice... I like things that melt, wash away and rot. I’m more interested in the process of carving than in the product,” he told WKBW.


He added that he finds something beautiful about art that’s temporary, because of a buzz and energy that comes with people trying to see it and enjoy it before it’s gone.

From pictures alone the snow Bronco is a sight to behold, so if you don’t find the cold, you better head up to Buffalo. The truck will surely be gone soon.