Some Mad Genius Built A Quad-Turbo Camaro With Junkyard Ford Parts

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Truly, we are living in an extraordinary time for nutjob junkyard engineering. As proof, look at this otherwise junky Malaise Era Camaro with a 6.0-liter LS V8 out of a truck with four turbos pulled off Ford Ecoboost engines. It is a monster.

This particular build turned up on the illustrious BangShift, and you should really watch the video for two reasons. First, you should hear the quad-turbo whine of the engine, like half of a Bugatti Veyron trapped inside of a Camaro body. You can hear it screaming, trying to free itself and move to France where it can buy raw milk cheese at its local grocery store.


Second, you should hear how completely wonderful the owner/builder of this thing is. He sourced all of his parts from junkyards, beams with pride at knowing how easily accessible all his bits are, from his truck engine (with new valve springs) to his 48mm Borg Warner turbos you can find on Ecoboost Fords as well as VWs and Fiats.

How much power does the thing make? He has no idea.

I love this thing so very, very much.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Love the fact that it has Basset circle track wheels on the back

Just a note if you do this, circle track wheels use a 45 degree taper so its not the safest thing to use your stock (or what you get from the parts store) lugnuts on them as the taper is 60*

Allstar performance has just about any thread 45* lugnuts available if you dont feel like losing a wheel on the highway.