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Eardrum Destroying Ferrari-Powered Toyota GT86 Makes The Best Sounding Burnouts

Screencap via Donut Media
Screencap via Donut Media

Pro drifter and crazy engine swap madman Ryan Tuerck finally got his JDM Supercar up and running—a Toyota GT86 powered by a howling Ferrari 458 V8. Thus far, it has been a beautiful gift to hoonage, destroying tires and eardrums with that unmistakable Ferrari wail.

Tuerck had a moment before loading in the car for SEMA, so he did what any reasonable human being would do with an insanely overpowered hoon-coupe: he ripped a monster burnout.


I’ve never heard a better sounding burnout in my life, and I consider myself a fine connoisseur of burnout videos. Nice.

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