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I cannot believe I'm about to engage in a toolerific blogosphere tête-à-tête with John Swansburg on Transformers mythos — but whatever, I must defend an egregious display of fan-boy cultural blasphemy. Swansburg tries to provide a compare and contrast on the 1986 Transformers movie and the 2007 Transformers movie debuting today. The problem is Swany has totally missed the point here and is making the cinematic error of basically correlating apples to Decepticons. The new movie was never meant to be any kind of a replacement, re-do, remake or re-anything of the 1986 movie. Rather, it's an attempt... provide an "Origins" story — something more akin to the first three episodes of Generation One cartoons. If anything, Johnny-boy should have been trying to relate the new Bay-directed film to those episodes rather than attempt something so silly as trying to say "the original Transformers movie is better than the new one." I mean, come on — there's no comparison. The original movie had more of an impact on our generation of males than any other cultural event coming from 1984 cartoons — this new movie doesn't replace that. If anything it does an excellent job of retelling the mythos, doing as good a job, if not better. But here's to hoping the sequel of this movie will cause the same type of nightmares the original movie caused and allowing the Swan to compare it to the '86 movie. You know, by like, killing Prime again and stuff for all of the kiddies of today. Let the slaughter begin, I always like to say.

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