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That's right, today is opening day across the US of A for the Transformers live-action movie. Although one of us was lucky enough to see it already, we realize not everyone may have gotten that chance. Thus, we're expecting many of y'all will be taking part of your day today to enter a darkened theater to experience your very own personal robogasm. If you're not able to make it today, fear not โ€” we'll be running some of our favorite Transformers-related content in full iPhonegasm-style at random intervals throughout the day. If you'd like, feel free to call today "Total Transformers Day" or something similar. We'll not resort to anything like that โ€” but check back to the Transformers tag and you'll find all our content right where you need it, or at least until all are one. To start with click through to see what one of us wishes he'd had the guts to wear last week at the Premiere โ€” and the technical wherewithal to build for today.

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