Shut Up And Listen To This Glorious 2.0 Liter Ferrari V8

Welcome to the Ferrari/Dino 208 GT4. It has the smallest V8 ever fitted to a production car at just two liters. You need to hear it.


As my good buddy and owner of this particular car explains, the 208 GT4 was made as a way of getting around Italy's punitive tax on big engines. Ferrari just debored the 3.0 liter V8 in the 308 GT4 to two liters and called it a day.

I've ridden in this very car and while it's not fast, it sounds every bit as excellent in person as it does in this Petrolicious video.

Come on Ferrari, give us another two liter V8. You know you want to.


A car is not about sound. Don't get me wrong I just spent 4 hours on the floor of my garage changing out the exhaust of my Lotus Evora due to its weak exhaust note.

But the 308 was a poor car by most car standards

not particularly fast, did not handle well, and a overly cramped interior. Lets not talk about the design, just does not inspire

If it were all about sound we would do like Porsche and BMW and just pump artificial engine and exhaust noise into the car (the new 911 has a special box just to produce sound while the BMW 6 series will pump sound through the speakers. Or just get a great set of speakers.

Sorry for the rant, but people knock the Evora for using a for using a Toyota based engine. At least the car performs as good as it looks and does not rest on " I have a famous name and I sound like I should be good, but I'm really not"

The 308 is collectible because it has the Ferrari name and is relatively cheap not because people thought it was particularly awesome. not sure the car has any real legacy except the name.

But if you are into Ferraris I assume this would be a good starter

I shall prepare myself for the obligatory Lotus bashing

As Kimi says "leave me alone, I know what I'm doing